Usability & UX testing

What aspects cause problems for users? Do they interact in the way you expect? What changes will improve your product most?

Usability & UX testing will give you the basis for making key design decisions...

  • Testing is a central element of any user-centred development process - early and continuous testing with users is the key to a more successful product.
  • Testing will identify the problems with your product's interface and we can recommend and discuss design solutions with designers and developers.
  • Usability Partners offers independent usability & UX evaluation services in Sweden and abroad.
We have experience from testing many different types of products:
  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Business systems
  • Medical products
  • Consumer products
  • In-vehicle systems, etc...

What will a test give you?

  • A breakdown of interface design problems with the product.
  • Recommendations for solving problems and improving the product.
  • An objective analysis of the ease of use of the product.
  • Formal assessments provide measures of the effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction with the product.
  • Input to any user documentation, training or support/helpdesk planning.
  • Information that can be used to help market the product.
  • An invaluable insight for developers into how users interact with their product.

Purpose-built labs

In our centrally located premises, we have two modern usability labs equipped with one-way mirrors and purpose-built solutions for various tests.

Here, on neutral ground for the customer and in a controlled environment, we carry out most of our tests.