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Richard Whitehand (Senior usability & UX specialist)

Richard Whitehand

Richard has over 20 years experience of practising usability and user-centred design. His consultancy work has focused on improving products and systems from a user's perspective. Richard has supported the development of a variety of applications, web sites and interactive products for organisations in Sweden and abroad. He has worked with early requirements analysis and conceptual design, through to evaluation of prototypes and implemented systems.
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Per Ström (Senior usability & UX consultant)

Per Ström

Per started working at Usability Partners in the Spring of 2006. He has worked with several usability consultancy projects for clients in the energy, finance and IT sectors. Per studied human-computer interaction and user-centred system development as part of his Masters degree studies at the Department of Information Science at the University of Uppsala.
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Shirie Zadonsky (Usability & UX consultant)

Shirie Zadonsky

Shirie started working at Usability Partners in the Spring of 2022. She has knowledge in cognitive science, human-computer interaction, usability evaluation and user-centred design, and previously worked for Tradera. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from Umeå University and Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Uppsala University.

Nigel Claridge (Associate - Senior usability & UX consultant)

Nigel Claridge

Nigel has worked as usability consultant to Swedish industry and abroad since 1978. He co-founded Nomos Management in 1989, a human factors consultancy in Stockholm, where he was senior partner until 2001. His consultancy work has focused on usability and user centred design of a wide variety of products. Nigel has also worked as the local project manager on a series of development projects promoting usability in Europe (funded by the European Commission).

Sinclair Andersen (Associate - Senior accessibility consultant)

Sinclair Andersen

Sinclair has worked with accessibility issues since the end of the 1990s. He has conducted a wide variety of accessibility audits, evaluations and analyses, as well as cost and impact analyses for larger companies with regard to different levels of conformance with accessibility standards. Sinclair also holds seminars and courses in the area and works to help clients understand accessibility in a broader perspective and not only something concerning those with disabilities.

Mats Lind (Associate - Specialist advisor)

Mats Lind

Mats works in the Human-Computer Interaction division of the Department of Information Science at Uppsala University. He has worked with usability engineering and evaluation of software products, specialising in the design of Graphical User Interfaces, visualisation, and software application development. Coming from a University environment, Mats is experienced in teaching courses in Human Computer Interaction, and gives short courses in user interface design for industrial practioners, drawing on his significant experience as a usability consultant.