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Interaction design

Interaction design

How do you turn user requirements into designs? Will your design support the way users work? How should the interface be structured for easy and efficient use?

Paper prototypes
Paper prototypes are quick to create, allowing efficient exploration of different interface design ideas whilst restricting detail to an appropriate level.

Creating a successful user interface doesn't only involve using the correct functions, components and construction tools. Focus must be on how users will interact with it.

We support development projects, turning requirements into interface design concepts and working with design teams to create a final product that matches user needs.

Interaction design with a usability focus ensures that different interface concepts are considered before the decision is made to devote significant development resources to one idea. Usability Partners consultants can work as part of your design team, or as an independent source of inspiration for new interface design concepts.

User-centred interaction design

Screen based prototypes
Functional prototypes with graphical designs can be built out once the overall interaction design has been created (and tested with users!).

To every design problem there are numerous possible solutions - the challenge is to find the most effective, efficient and satisfying design for users. The early 'conceptual' design phase is the most critical to ensuring overall usability of a product or system.

Our interaction design activities include:

  • Paper prototyping of early design concepts and ideas - suitable for exploring interface function and flow
  • Developing high-level interaction design prototypes in simple interactive media (e.g. in Visual Basic, HTML, Visio or PowerPoint)
  • Supporting development teams - providing concrete advice and design recommendations to designers and developers
  • Iterative interface evaluation and improvement
  • Conducting focused user studies on particular issues (e.g. terminology, icons, menu structuring)
  • Tracking and reporting of key usability issues in user interface design work
  • Advising on compliance with relevant international standards and guidelines
  • Producing project/system-specific interface design guidelines and recommendations

Evaluation during development

Iterative evaluation of user interface designs during the development process is central to ensuring high user user effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in use. We test interface designs from the early paper prototypes of ideas through to final implementations prior to release. Read more about usability & UX testing.

Example clients

  • Collectum, Emric, Folksam, IKEA, Lärarförbundet, MyTravel, Paynova, Riksarkivet, Sjukvårdsrådgivningen, Swedbank, Vattenfall, ...

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