Eye tracking

What do you users look at? In what order and for how long do different elements get user attention? What do they stop and read?

Usability Partners is one of the few companies in Scandinavia that offer eye-tracking studies that build upon many years of experience with traditional usability & UX testing. Eye-tracking technology allows high resolution measurement of where users look on the screen. It allows you, through your users own eyes, to better understand:

  • What elements catch users attention (e.g. on the home page)
  • How users scan texts - which headings and text content they actually read
  • What users ignore or don't even focus on at all
  • Vad användarna ignorerar eller inte alls fokuserar på
  • How users visually navigate
  • Which graphics users look at, which they avoid

Computer screen with eyetracking data on it

Eyetracking data visualized in a heat map.